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Medical Cell Regeneration

Cellular regeneration is now possible!


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Minimaly-Invasive Medical Procedures

In all our departments we focus our treatments on the use of minimally invasive methods. This way, the process of patient recovery is made easier and, through the intensive use of Electronic Doctor, the body's own regenerative capacity is fully exploited.

Assisted Cellular Regeneration

We use cellular regenerative techniques in all the medical fields. The Electronic Doctor device offers us a non-invasive alternative to a high number of procedures.

  • Non-Invasive Procedure
  • No side Effects
  • Accelerates the natural healing capacity of your body
  • Can be applied in various medical fields
  • A safe way to increase the number of stem cells


When my teeth started to move I went to the dentist only to be told that I would eventually lose them and that there was no way around that, but having implants to replace them. The treatment with Electronic Doctor helped me find a way, against the initial odds: my teeth are no longer mobile and I no longer have to worry about losing them.
Mike T., Dental clinic patient
Just when I lost my hope of getting rid of the all stretch marks I got from my pregnancy, I found about this new treatment. I can only say that I'm happy I took it, because now I no longer have to hide my abdomen when I go to the beach!
Julia V., Dermatology patient

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